For more than 10 years active in the Construction landscape with software solutions, we help companies be more efficient and able to focus on their core business. Therefore, the need of a tool management solution that combines applications with IoT-technologies is really necessary. 

For that reason HeronTrack came to live and gives a robust and flexibel answer to the problems of theft prevention, lost and also better productivity.

With a history in car tracking solutions and mobile software, our experience brought the idea and the know-how together to answer the call of many construction companies. Eager to have a democratic solution to their needs of better management of the tools. 

Above all, HeronTrack brings an important savings.


What do our customers tell about us?

HeronTrack gives us a new way of managing our equipment and tools. Very userfriendly, my personnel is using the tools in a more efficient way. Consequently, they don’t need to hidden tools for a next day. 

Also there is an increase of security via the logbook for scheduling inspections. 

So, just do it with HeronTrack!


With HeronTrack I have immediately a view of all equipment on my site. It makes my planning and milestones of the worksite more efficient. 

While in need of a specific tool I see directly on my smartphone: where it is or who has it. As a result, I can make a request to that person for reservation of the asset.