In this year of 2022, you must, as a company, make efforts to reduce your ecological footprint. Did you know that effective tool management can help you do this? By better managing your tools, you prolong their lifespan and they are not lost. This is good for your wallet as well as your ecological footprint. Find out all in this article. As a construction or installation company, you use a lot of tools. The availability of reliable work tools is crucial for your business. Your employees can only perform their tasks effectively by using a suitable tool that is in good working order.

Poor tool management increases the ecological footprint

Many tools are poorly managed and poorly maintained. This causes premature loss or failure, which unnecessarily increases the amount of waste.
Malfunctioning or missing tools have a big impact on your business. Not only in terms of the cost of purchasing new tools, but also the inactivity or reduced profitability of your staff.
Hence the need to ensure two things:
• The longevity of your tools
• Avoid the loss or theft of tools

Extend the life of your tools

You probably don’t think about replacing your tools or when to buy them. Logical, because you hope that they will serve as long as possible. However, a tool can wear out very quickly when used intensively. But you can have an impact as a user.

By doing regular maintenance of your tools, you can significantly extend the life of these. Good maintenance begins with meticulous cleaning and the timely replacement of wear-sensitive parts, such as a drill bit. Working for a long time with worn material negatively impacts the life of the tool.

Avoid loss and theft of tools

Police statistics show that in Belgium 8 construction thefts are perpetrated every day. These are the thefts of building materials, small tools and heavy equipment.
But theft is not the only cause of lost tools. Often they get lost simply because they are poorly managed on the job site. While working someone places the tool somewhere and then forgets about it. Or it is borrowed by another contractor working on the site who accidentally takes it away.

Efficient and ecological tool management

To avoid the loss, theft or premature wear of your tools, you must start by stimulating the sense of responsibility of your employees. This will make them more considerate and careful with the tools they use. But how do you get that?

Automatic reporting of interviews
With the HeronTrack tracking system, you can consult the list of past and future maintenance by tool. The app automatically notifies you when your tools need maintenance. So you never miss a maintenance and your tools will stay in shape longer.

Usage history stimulates sense of responsibility
Tracking data also informs you about the last user of a tool. This knowledge increases employees’ sense of responsibility and makes them more careful with their work materials.

Tool tracking prevents loss and theft
With a tool tracking system you know where your tools are at all times. Via the HeronTrack mobile application, your employees easily find all the tools present on the site and none are lost or stolen.

Reduce your ecological footprint with effective tool management?

A tool tracking system makes your tool management easy and efficient. With HeronTrack you can remotely manage the tools of all your sites, consult the history of use and maintenance and automatically plan future maintenance. So your tools are used longer and you avoid loss and theft. And this has a positive effect on your ecological footprint.

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