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Euroglas uses HeronTrack's "Track & Trace" system to monitor their trestles.

Written by
Sebastien De Grauwe

Glass producer Euroglas-De Landtsheer has had 700 glass stillages fitted with HeronTrack sensors. As a result, the company always has an accurate overview of its stock and can save on unnecessary replacement costs. In this article, you'll find out how the system works and what benefits it brings.

Frederik De Knijf, CEO of Euroglas-De Landtsheer tells us: "An glass stillage costs between 500,- and 750,- EUR. Every year, we have to invest no less than 50,000,- EUR in replacing several stillages, whether damaged, lost, misplaced or simply on loan. We want to keep these high costs to an absolute minimum, and believe that the most effective solution lies in better management of our stock, enabling us to find lost stillages quickly".

Installation of Track & Trace sensors on 700 glass stillages.

Euroglas-De Landtsheer decided to use HeronTrack's Track & Trace sensors. These sensors were installed on no fewer than 700 stillages, enabling the logistics department to visualize the exact location of their material, whether in Belgium or abroad.

The added value of HeronTrack sensors was quickly felt. Thanks to this new system, Euroglas-De Landtsheer is able to find all its racks without wasting time, even though some were lost at suppliers' or customers' premises.

The HeronTrack sensors stand out for their ease of use, small size, battery life ranging from 5 to 7 years, and of course their excellent price/quality ratio.

How does the Track & Trace system work?

HeronTrack works on the basis of two elements: a sensor that is simply attached to the stillage (or rack) and the software platform, which can be consulted via the mobile app or online. Thanks to the mobile app, Euroglas-De Landtsheer drivers can easily find all the stillages in their vicinity. Every movement is automatically communicated. At the same time, the sensor transmits its GPS position 2x a day to the platform. Via this online platform, logistics managers can track down all stillages in the form of a report or visual display. As soon as you activate the sensor's anti-theft mode, it sends an update of its current position every 10 minutes. So you can quickly track down stolen or lost equipment.

Want to find out more about our track & trace system?

Precise coverage and extensive localization in over 50 countries.

HeronTrack sensors communicate via Sigfox with engieM2M's public network to detect the position of stillages (racks). Not just in the Benelux, but throughout Europe, even in places where the network is weak. What's more, the Sigfox RC1 network guarantees international coverage in over fifty countries, as far afield as Africa and the Middle East.

Secondly, BLE technology ensures a continuous connection to the smartphones of drivers and site workers. This connection works even indoors, so that the coverage and position given are complete and highly accurate.

A BLE gateway has been installed at Euroglas-De Landtsheer 's head office, positioning all the racks on site on a map. When a stillage leaves the company or returns to the store, this movement is automatically signaled.

Save time and money.

HeronTrack's Track & Trace system considerably simplifies stock management. "Our logistics managers have a complete and precise overview of the location of all our stillages", confirms Mr. De Knijf, "With this application, we always have an exact view of our stock, so manual management is no longer necessary. Thanks to the automation of in- and out-of-store operations, we save a minimum of ½ hour per day, or around 10 hours per month. What's more, we no longer have to buy new stillages to replace missing ones. As a result, we're significantly reducing our turnover costs."

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