Starter kit (5 IoT sensors)

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Starter kit with 5 IoT sensors (BLE-Sigfox-GPS) + lifetime subscription.
Protect, track and manage 5 tools with one clic!

Install the mobile app of HeronTrack (via the stores) iOS or Android, create your account and manage your tools!


This kit contains 5 IoT sensors ( Internet of Things ) developed and manufactured by HeronTrack.
Our sensors use 2 communication technologies: BLE (short range) et Sigfox (long range). HeronTrack proposes a management software to monitor your tools via a sensor and a mobile and web application.

The sensor sends its id via BLE every second, and four positions per day via Sigfox. The BLE protocol is a proprietary development, which secures communication between the application and the sensor.
Thanks to its internal battery, it has an autonomy of 3 to 5 years, according to its configuration and use (anti-theft mode active or not). Anti-theft mode activates GPS and data transmission every 10 minutes: one day in anti-theft mode corresponds to one month in operational mode.

The casing is adapted to the circumstances, outside or not, in the construction industry.

Sigfox configuration radioRC1: Europe
Positioning outdoorBLE via app smartphone (GPS when theftl)
Positioning indoorBLE
Protection casingIP67
BatteryLi-SOCI2/ 2.700 mAh / 3.6V - Non remplacable
Battery lifetime4.000 messages
Operational Temperature-30°C to 65°C
Dimensions (in mm)58 x 60 x 28
Weight (en g)50


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