The concept of HeronTrack

HeronTrack offers a small Tag for Assets Tracking. This tag will be used to track the location and the use of professional Assets/Equipments/Tools for the Construction: Certainly, track small equipment where traditional GPS Trackers can’t be used,

    • Either because there is no external power source. This TAG has an autonomy of 3-5 years.
    • Or the equipment is too small for a traditional GPS Tracker.
    • Potentially because the value of the equipment can’t justify an expensive GPS Trackers

The Tag will combine short range (Bluetooth Low Energy) and long range (LoRaWAN) wireless communication technologies. Consequently, it will optimise communication/battery consumption.

The location will be collected via differents methods such as :

  • Firstly, the GPS data from the smartphone/tablet reading the tag
  • Secondly, the location deducted from the BLE Gateway (on site)
  • Further, From the LoRaWAN Antenna, or through LoRaWAN Triangulation
  • In addition, Or from the internal GPS (Optional) when data transmission through LoRaWAN

The Solution based on HeronTrack

Several modules exist in HeronTrack:

  • A mobile application (iOS, Android) will scan tags (using the present BLE chipset), add its own GPS position. And afterwards send its geolocalized Tag information to our HeronTrack Web Platform.
    • The same mobile app will allow users to declare the use of equipment. But also mis-functioning/defect of the asset, or for example, request a return to the warehouse. 
  • A BLE (+Wifi or 4G) Gateway will scan automatically all tags. For instance, in a warehouse or on a construction site where it is present.
  • A GPS Tracker with BLE scanning will scan all assets in a vehicle (VAN, Truck) and send geolocalized Tag information to our HeronTrack Web Platform