The Solution based on HeronTrack

HeronTrack (Heron means “tool” in ancient Greek) is a solution for the management of small equipment and equipment used by construction workers or technical services. We have developed a tag (smart sensor) to be installed on or in the tool, such as a ladder, a compressor, a grinding wheel, etc. The tag communicates via Bluetooth (BLE) with a smartphone or gateway (a station that detects the presence of tools).

The smartphone with our mobile application (iOS and Android) allows the employee in the field to detect the tools around him/her and to link the GPS position of the smartphone to the tool, so that this information together with the ID number of the tag (UID) can be sent to our platform (based on the IoT Hub). This way, the information is available in the form of reports or visual information on the tagged tool’s map.

Use Case tool tracking

The gateway is more likely to be installed at fixed locations such as the depot to detect which tools are in the depot / at the location. On the other hand, if there are no smartphone or other Bluetooth readers in the area, the tag also communicates via Sigfox over the engieM2M public network to display geolocation via triangulation (antennas) and thus the location of the tool, for example, even if no one is on the construction site.

Via the web- and mobile solution it is possible to trace the tools, it is also possible to manage the inventory autonomously (without human intervention) and offers a solution for the inspections (which is mandatory in Belgium) of the equipment and the registration in the digital logbook, to show the good condition of the tools. Users always have insight into the availability of the tool, but also the location, the state, the user, the daily costs …

The concept of HeronTrack

HeronTrack offers a small Tag for Assets Tracking. This tag will be used to track the location and the use of professional Assets/Equipments/Tools for the Construction: Certainly, track small equipment where traditional GPS Trackers can’t be used,

    • Either because there is no external power source. This TAG has an autonomy of 3-5 years.
    • Or the equipment is too small for a traditional GPS Tracker.
    • Potentially because the value of the equipment can’t justify an expensive GPS Trackers

The Tag will combine short range (Bluetooth Low Energy) and long range (LoRaWAN or Sigfox) wireless communication technologies. Consequently, it will optimise communication/battery consumption.

The location will be collected via differents methods such as :

  • Firstly, the GPS data from the smartphone/tablet reading the tag
  • Secondly, the location deducted from the BLE Gateway (on site)
  • Further, From the LoRaWAN or Sigfox Antenna, or through LoRaWAN or Sigfox Triangulation
  • In addition, Or from the internal GPS (Optional) when data transmission through LoRaWAN or Sigfox