Plug & Play Trackers

Imagine an efficient and discreet sensor capable of geolocating your valuable tools, ensuring their safety and planning their maintenance… for less than €3 per month.

HeronTrack offers a global solution and personalized support to allow you to remotely manage the equipment of your internal and external sites, and to reduce your costs.
In two steps, three movements: open the app, place the tag, let’s go!


Locate your tools in real time

Get a clear and detailed view of the position of your equipment at all times. You eliminate losses, you limit unnecessary costs.

Activate the anti-theft

Do you suspect a theft?
The HeronTrack tag emits
continuously, for 24 hours,
in Belgium and abroad.

Plan maintenance

Start with precise, efficient and daily monitoring of your machine fleet. Your workers are concentrating on their job. You ensure the good condition of their equipment.