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GPS tracker for your tools

HeronTrack is 50 grams of intelligence for easy, enhanced control of your equipment, efficient management, considerable time savings and budget control.

1. Place the tracker

2. Configure the app

3. Track your equipment

Geolocation of your tools

Today, it's very difficult for most companies to carry out rigorous, regular inventories: vehicles, like equipment, are constantly out in the field, misplaced, borrowed, forgotten on an old building site, or stored in the wrong place. HeronTrack is the solution!

With just one tag per tool, HeronTrack gives you a daily overview of the availability and use of your equipment: you can easily see who's using what, when and where, based on the telephones of the nearest teams. The tracker also optimizes resource efficiency and productivity: everyone can quickly and easily find the tools they need.

Close-up of a yellow container on which a HeronTrack tracker is mounted.

Protection against site theft

One company in two experiences at least one equipment theft a year, representing annual losses of 80 million euros in Belgium: it's hard to keep track of who's coming and going on a building site, and to constantly monitor the equipment and tools left on site. HeronTrack changes all that!

With its ultra-light installation, integrated GPS and activation of Sigfox communication in case of suspicion, HeronTrack checks four times a day whether the position of your equipment, given by your teams' smartphones (BLE), is indeed within a given zone. Is it not? The manager receives a notification and immediately activates - with a CLICK - the anti-theft mode, which enables the precise movements of your tools to be tracked for 24 hours, so they can be found more quickly.

Close-up of large construction tubes on which a HeronTrack tracker is mounted.

Tool inspection and maintenance

In the event of an accident, insurance companies require proof that a machine is in good condition. Inspection schedule, reminder, tool location, service history and data retention: tired of always calling in the IT department? No need: HeronTrack does it all at once!

HeronTrack enables maintenance to be tracked on the basis of different criteria: periodicity, weighted hours, date. It installs quickly, integrates easily with all existing management software, and comes with an efficient basic version for companies without a solution. Your IT team is already looking forward to it!

Close-up of a dismantled drilling machine. A HeronTrack tracker is mounted inside the drilling machine.

Tag & Track: GPS tracker to locate your equipment

Installed in worksite equipment (ladder, compressor, disc harrow, signaling equipment, etc.), the HeronTrack sensor communicates its position via Bluetooth (BLE), with a smartphone or gateway (fixed station). It locates equipment instantly and easily. It also detects suspicious movements and tracks maintenance. A reliable, high-performance tool for construction companies or technical departments! And that's not all...

Using a smartphone equipped with the HeronTrack app (iOS and Android), workers can easily locate nearby tools. At the same time, it automatically sends their GPS position to the platform, where your manager can obtain information in the form of a report or visual information on a map at any time. No Bluetooth reader nearby? The tag communicates via Sigfox with Citymesh's public network, detecting the object's position wherever it is in the world. Two solutions, Web and mobile, that combine exclusively to track machines and tools, but also to manage inventory autonomously (without human intervention).

In other words: HeronTrack contains two elements: a sensor (hardware), easily fixed in/on the tool, and a software (mobile and web) very quickly installed.

A green container on which a HeronTrack tracker is mounted

How it works

- The anti-theft device. Thanks to a sensor (combining both Bluetooth and Sigfox communication technologies) installed in the tool, the GPS position is sent to the IoT platform, which positions the tool on the map. At any time, the manager can check the status and position of his tool. In anti-theft mode, the sensor sends its position every 10 minutes, so that stolen or lost tools can be quickly located.

- Via the mobile app. Each worker installs the HeronTrack app on their smartphone. This scans the contents of each vehicle via Bluetooth. Geolocated, it gives its position to the scanned equipment (geotagging) when the information is sent to the IoT platform. In this way, the GPS position and the worker in charge of the equipment are systematically identified.

- Via a BLE Gateway. In a warehouse or store, a fixed Gateway detects the tools present via Bluetooth (BLE) technology. The warehouseman accesses information on the web: dashboards, map, maintenance and inspection notifications.

Close-up of a yellow garbage can with a HeronTrack tracker mounted on it.

Tool tracking with different trackers

With our various trackers (or sensors) we cover all types of tooling, from hand-held electric tools to site cranes, including generators, substations and other medium-sized equipment. This diversity of dimensions is part of the success of our solution, and all our trackers have replaceable batteries!

A laptop with a phone showing the HeronTrack application. In front of the computer, tracers of various sizes are displayed.


Still have a question? Don't hesitate to contact our team.

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The HeronTrack sensor is mounted inside the tool or, for sensors with a high IP value, on the outside using silicone adhesive, screws or colson tape. Our project managers provide advice via videos for the various tools and sensors. But the most important thing is that this is a completely free service, and you install the sensors at your own pace.

The HeronTrack solution comprises two types of sensor: a BLE sensor that communicates with the mobile application, the vehicles and the kiosk in the warehouse, and the BLE/Sigfox sensor that enables it to send its own position 4 times a day. The latter sensor also features an anti-theft function that enables it to activate anti-theft mode when a suspicious movement is detected by the system. The sensor then becomes a tracker, sending a GPS position every 10 minutes. Once the tool has been recovered, GPS can be deactivated to save battery power.

Whenever the sensor is near a smartphone, vehicle or warehouse, its position is updated. Thanks to a map, you can see which tools are where, on which jobsite and who's using them.

In addition to tool location, HeronTrack allows you to track and plan your internal and external inspections. HeronTrack integrates reports from all external inspection bodies and provides forms that can be used for internal inspections such as power tools, ladders and others. In addition, tool reservations and repairs can also be managed via the mobile and web application.

There are two groups of users: those who only have access to the mobile application, such as workers and drivers, and those who have access to both the mobile application and the web application, such as IT specialists, warehouse managers, project managers, and so on.