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GPS Tracking of your glass racks in real time with GlassTrack by HeronTrack

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GlassTrack is the solution for you.

You don’t want to waste time searching for an available glass stillage?

Reach your ambitious objectives!

We offer an app, GlassTrack, that will localise the glass rack and detect when he is empty without any human interaction!

  • Optimised use of your glass racks
  • Gain time for planning
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Optimised use of your glass racks

In real time, you have a view on the state of the stillage (empty/full) without human interaction! The sensor sends the state of the rack with or without glass 2 times a day. This way, you can send your transporter to pick up the glass rack. No need to wait a message of your client or to call him to ask the status.

Gain time for planning

With the GPS tracking (a few meters) your transporter finds the stillage immediately, even when moved on site by your customer. Via the navigation in app GlassTrack the driver is guided till 5 m precise! This way, he doesn’t need to look for it on a worksite and he will be more efficient regarding the time per rack.

Customer satisfaction

No need for penalise your customer for delays, because you manage the pick up for him in time. Your customer, that often has no time to check the state of the glass rack in the field and who’s fed up paying for delays, will be very enthusiastic knowing that this planning will be automated by software!

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We process toughened and laminated safety glass for a wide range of construction applications. HeronTrack gave us a great tool to manage our glass stillage fleet, which informs us where a glass stillage has been dropped off and by whom with one click. Our stillages are also protected against theft via in-app notifications. We have achieved a 50% reduction in our annual purchases of new equipment thanks to better management! And there is also an interesting time saving for our logistics manager!

Frederik De Knijf

CEO , Euroglas - De Landtsheer

Still not convinced, here a few answers to your questions

We don’t have a budget? A subscription of only €3/month/rack.
We have no IT department? Your smartphone is enough.
Quid of training? We support you in the implementation of the project.
How long will the battery of the tracker last? More than 8 years.
How will we be notified of the state: empty? The app sends notifications of the state.

Download the mobile application

The mobile application, GlassTrack, is available in the different Stores via a native development. Do not hesitate to try it via a free account to get an idea of ​​its possibilities. Click on the icon of your choice via your smartphone to directly access the application in the Store linked to your phone.