Provides Full Traceability of Small Equipment, Assets and that

Automatically (No personal Interaction requirement)

Thanks to Ergonomic and Small Active Tags

Above all, for Indoor or Outdoor Environment

Tool management with GPS Tracking

Tool tracking

Firstly anywhere and secondly anytime, real time tracking of your equipment. Therefore, an Anti-theft protection to avoid lost and stolen tools!


Total history via a webtool of usage and planned inspections. For instance, to secure and proper usage of your assets.


Automated inventory of all tagged equipment/tools for better productivity, planning. In addition, avoid unnecessary purchase of new tools.

tool management


Effective. Understanding.

Based on our experience, we noticed that there are many challenges to manage a stock or warehouse of tools. Above all, depending on the good will of your colleagues and moreover the importance of proper tools for the job, a warehouse manager deals with deadlines and a lot of stress. In short, HeronTrack is an answer for you: by tagging all your equipment and with our mobile or web app you’ll have an automated inventory in the palm of your hand or via one click. As a result, you can make decision based on accurate data. Further, the inspections that need to be planned and the decision of purchasing new equipment, will also be more effectif thanks to the information provided by HeronTrack. In other words, HeronTrack is your pocket assistant for tool tracking.



Cooperative. Detail Oriented.

Meanwhile, on the worksite there are many challenges involving the availability of tools and equipment. And, there is no time to waste. To clarify, calling around to find the machine or asset for the job is not OK. Therefore, with HeronTrack you will have immediately access to all your equipment on site and equipement available in the warehouse.  For example, you need a drill. You take your HeronTrack app and check where a certain drill is. After that, you can take the proper action for reservation of the available drill.

Tool management

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