Tool monitoring
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How do you locate tooling?

Written by
Sebastien De Grauwe

Thanks to automatic tool tracing, you know exactly where your tools are at all times. Not only does this make it easier to manage your materials and tools, it also helps you limit loss and theft. But how exactly does this tracing work? And how does it contribute to efficient warehouse management and maintenance follow-up?

For many construction companies, the various machines and tools are scattered over several construction sites. Tracking this equipment requires an intelligent system that gives the exact position of each tool, from near or far.

The tool location system

This tracing system gives you the exact location of your tools in real time. So you can always track the movement of your tools, and know which jobsite(s) they're on. What's more, you have a history of the use of each tool, enabling you to keep track of maintenance deadlines. The HeronTrack tracing system works via a simple software program called "tag & track".


The "tag" is a sensor attached to each tool or piece of equipment (ladder, compressor, grinding wheel, drill, etc.). This sensor transmits the GPS position via Bluetooth to the smartphone of workers on site, or to a local gateway.


Thanks to the HeronTrack app, your workers can easily find the tool they need on the job site by consulting their smartphone. What's more, the sensor communicates via Sigfox with the public network to detect the tool's GPS position and transmit it to the online tracing web platform.

Via this platform, the manager can view the location of all tools on all sites, either in the form of a report or visually on a map.

How does the tool location application work?

Installation of the HeronTrack application on all your workers' smartphones. In the vehicle or on the worksite, the app scans all the equipment present. The app then gives its current position to all scanned devices/tools (geotagging) and sends this information to the web platform. In this way, the GPS location and the employee responsible are identified and stored.

How does the anti-theft mode work?

If a tool is not where it's supposed to be, you can activate your sensor's anti-theft mode. You can simply do this via the web platform. Once activated, the tag will report its current position every 10 minutes, enabling you to quickly find the lost or stolen tool.

How does tool tracing work in warehouse management?

A fixed gateway in the store detects all materials in stock via Bluetooth (BLE) technology. This information is automatically transmitted to the web platform. In this way, the storekeeper can consult all information concerning the tools in stock: users, location history, maintenance to be carried out, scheduled inspections, etc....

How does the automatic interview follow-up work?

HeronTrack makes it child's play to keep track of your servicing schedule. Choose the criteria you wish to use to define the maintenance schedule: frequency of use, hours of operation, or a fixed period from the last service. The system will automatically notify you when the equipment is due for maintenance.

The digital logbook also enables you to show that all your tools have been maintained on time. In fact, the information provided by the HeronTrack tracking system will serve as proof for your insurance company in the event of damage or accident.

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