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Which construction companies benefit from tool tracking?

Written by
Sebastien De Grauwe

"Can tracking tools be used by every building company?"

It's a question we're often asked. Many contractors still too often associate the tool tracking solution with large companies working simultaneously on several sites. And yet, tool tracking is undoubtedly advantageous for medium-sized and small companies. In this article, we explain why.

The 'tracking' system provides you with the precise location of your equipment in real time. So you know exactly where your equipment is and, above all, whether it's available. Thanks to this system, you have a detailed history of its use, as well as a maintenance schedule.

For companies with several teams working on different sites, this system represents an important and crucial element for working more efficiently and, above all, reducing operating costs. But what abouten smaller companies? Is tool tracking a worthwhile investment?

Can tracking tools be used for every company?

The immediate answer is: YES, every company, large, medium-sized or even small, will benefit from the clear advantages of tool tracking:

  • Efficient device management.
  • No lost or stolen tools
  • Longer equipment life (timely maintenance).
  • More transparency.
  • Save time and money.

Reread all the advantages listed in the article:

"The benefits of tool tracking "

What's more, the investment costs are so low that they pay for themselves very quickly. Thanks to the simple 'plug & play' application, any company can get started with tracking tools, without having to be an IT specialist.

Does your company have less than 25 devices/tools? Good news: you can get the free HeronTrack version to track all your equipment for life.

Tool tracking can also be done without ERP

More en more companies want to adopt the  'tracking' tooling solution. Some are still hesitating because they want to adapt or improve their ERP system first. This should not be a barrier to getting started with tool tracking.

Our 'tracking' system is installed in the twinkling of an eye, without the intervention of an IT specialist. Simply place the tracker on your device/tool, configure the application and track your device/tool wherever and whenever you want.

In fact, HeronTrack, en as a single solution, offers a number of additional benefits. When your ERP system is ready, you can easily link it to HeronTrack.

Get started now with free tracking software of HeronTrack

HeronTrack is the ultimate digital tool for tracking, inventorying, managing and controlling all your equipment/tools. This system enables you to achieve your objectives en improving work efficiency and en reducing management costs.

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