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The context

Today many companies in construction have IT solutions for the management of vehicles, man and machine hours, projects, invoicing, but they still work with paper booklets for the management of small equipment and the planning of maintenance and inspections.
There is a need to digitise this management and therefore an IT tool for tracking small equipment!

Our small equipment tracking solution offers construction companies an answer to the 3 main needs: prevention of theft or forgetting of tools, inventory management and prevention for safety and well-being via the management of inspection and periodic maintenance.
As a bonus, control of site costs.

The solution integrates all the BLE tags on the market which does not require anyone to change the existing equipment, but we put an upper layer with our own tag (BLE + Sigfox) which can give a complete solution for the small, more expensive equipment and tools which must also be secured with an intuitive platform and native, mobile applications.

The solution does not require any pointing or other human manipulation, the registrations are automatic based on the detection of tools within its perimeter and the intelligence of the software that interprets the information.


Companies active in the construction industry have already made investments in billing software, project tracking, personnel and vehicle tracking and are now looking for a tool to track hardware.

Manufacturers have understood this and are investing massively in management of tools in order to be able to sell more of their product with advanced services.

But there is the loss concern that manufacturers are not responding to.
In Belgium more than 51 Million euros (value of stolen tools) stolen on site in construction (numbers from the Confederation of Construction).

We are responding to the call with our HeronTrack solution, a business solution that goes further than the tool and provides, via these innovative IoT technologies, cost management, inspection (periodic control) responses in accordance with Belgian law.”