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Digital equipment booking is an effective stimulus for construction companies

Written by
Sebastien De Grauwe

The building industry is a tradition. Many construction/installation companies still work as they did ten years ago. However, there are a number of solutions available to make work easier and more efficient. Digital booking en is one of them. Find out more in this article.

"Working with contractors and companies construction is often a hectic adventure fraught with uncertainty", a friend of mine, a developer projects, told us. He explained that, all too often, unforeseen challenges and major delays occur in the progress of projects. It may be too easy to generalize, but this is often how people perceive the construction industry. And yet, the solution is there, within reach.

Technology for more efficient development of your business

The majority of unforeseen circumstances and delays during construction are too often found in 'old' work habits. Many companies have been working in the same way for many years and don't ask themselves whether it's possible to improve this way of working. The routine is such that no change is contemplated. And that's a pity, because practice has taught us that processes development in the building industry can easily be improved both efficiency and speed, and above all, at lower cost. Not working differently, but quite simply using the technological means at our disposal.

Poor planning is often a bottleneck for construction companies.

When we ask en building companies what their biggest challenges are, they tell us that alongside communicating well with their partners and drawing up estimates, scheduling the work is an important element. En Indeed, putting en all the equipment/tools and site personnel in the same place and en on time is absolutely essential for the smooth running of the construction project.

For every construction project, you'll want to have a clear and detailed overview of the availability of site personnel, the various contractors and also the equipment needed for the job. This last element is certainly not to be underestimated, and certainly not for companies working on several sites en at the same time! Poor planning and a lack of equipment follow-up: there's a real risk that site personnel won't have the equipment they need to start work!

Mobile application for booking equipment/tools

Do you want your site personnel to have the equipment they need at all times? If so, it's imperative to equip yourself with a digital system tool tracking and equipment reservation.

Thanks to HeronTrack's 'tool tracking' system, you know immediately where your equipment is, but more importantly, your employees can reserve the tools they need, thanks to the practical mobile app. So you can be absolutely sure that your equipment is always in the right place at the right time.

How do you go about booking equipment/tools digitally?

Via the mobile application of HeronTrack, an employee can reserve a specific device/tool for a specific period. The store manager is immediately notified by a message on his smartphone and in the Inbox notification. He can then accept or refuse the reservation via his smartphone or via the online 'planning' module. He can also close a reservation earlier if the equipment / tool has returned earlier to the store stock.

Online, in the planning module, you can manage all requests down to the smallest detail. In addition, the warehouse manager can open a new reservation. Would you like an Excel detailed statement of all reservations? No problem, just one click is all it takes.

How to avoid long waiting lists?

When a device/tool is temporarily unavailable, you can offer an alternative device so that your collaborator doesn't have to wait unnecessarily, and thus avoid delays in project completion.

Automatic management of equipment inventory

With HeronTrack, you can automatically scan every part that enters or leaves the store, which saves the storekeeper manual labor and time. In addition, your store inventory is always up-to-date, making it much easier to reserve items.

Use the free tool tracking software of HeronTrack

HeronTrack is a digital tool for tracking, inventorying, managing and reserving equipment and tools. It helps you make your business more profitable and your staff more efficient.

Would you like to get started today with more efficient management of your equipment? Order the free HeronTrack version now at

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